Security Response


eviction in Spain



Security response is always best even if you have alarms and locks.  Estate Agents, neighbours and friends can raise the alert if you are occupied but only specific steps will remove a squatters or criminals entering your home.  If the police attend and it can be varied depending on the area or how busy they are they need someone to make the complaint and most agents or neighbours do not want involved in case of repercussions or they are directly intimidated at the scene.  If you do not follow the correct steps to stop someone taking possession of your home in Spain, even if you are in the right, there is nothing the police or agents can do to assist you.  It will become just another legal case and the courts currently have so many to deal with its a significant backlog and will not be as much  a priority as it is for you.

Over 120,000 homes are occupied in Spain and its only increasing, some squatters can move from home to home upgrading their illegal occupation until they are in a villa with a pool where they claim these lack squatters rights.

This is our most popular service and based on the initial survey, we will attend and check the property on patrols that are unscheduled to confuse any watching eyes and can include emergency key-holding as required.  Note this is not a help any tenant or guest for lost keys, it is purely for access, security and police matters only.  Other services are available to deal with rentals, alarms, property damage, maintenance, gates and railings, repairs and upgrades or short term rental.


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