Providing excellent care for  your loved ones, 24/7.

Skip the waiting room.  Speak with top doctors wherever you are. See what we can do for you in our video, "Emergency Responder in Action."

Manage your health planning

Emergency Responder, with built in AI, is the smarter alternative when you are responsibile for the care of others. Remote or on location the tools you need are all in one place and backed up by automatic features requiring no input or bitton pressing. No more needlessly worrying or looking for tele heath care get professional next-generation solutions.

Track your medicines regime

We store and manage all your medical conditions, log treatments, set medication schedules and reminders, check drug and allergy interactions. Every caregiver and family member will know how to maintain consistent care.

Get timely advice 

If you need timely medical attention, a team of approved doctors is always at your disposal, with a guaranteed response time. You can now talk to doctors within a wide range of specialties, and we will be gradually adding more.

The right care

  • 100% Success rate

As a fail safe, alerts are sent in the event that your loved one is unable to "check in". 

  • Your friends become your caregivers

Define up to 3 caregivers always available 24/7. 

  • Peace of Mind for caregivers

Remotely aid your loved ones.


Emergency Responder is perfect for family, care workers and doctors, providing specialty care and expertise. One touch will connect you with help, family, friends or the doctor. Automatic alerts to chosen contacts even when you cannot reach your phone or have fallen.

Stay safe with our iron-clad security

Emergency Responder has built in protection for care workers. Alerts will activate even when you cannot reach the phone. Reminders and tasks are easily updated in real time, redirecting caregivers to address the most urgent cases when necessary.  
We take your privacy and the security of your medical data very seriously. We do not have access to your email address, or the images and messages you exchange with doctors. All this data is stored encrypted on our servers and only you and your doctors have access to it.
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Scheduling and Route Planning

The most time consuming activity for the majority of caregivers, is that they have to collect schedules weekly.  This is because most systems only output weekly time-sheets due to the need for managing changes.  Digitally there is no limit and Emergency Responder app is in real time, so there is no need for paper schedules!


Filter your schedule: daily, weekly or custom


Click location to see the fastest route


Know exactly when you are due to at the location


With a single click, open a copy of the task list that end users cannot modify until you're on location


Complete your tasks in a single click!


Automated Task-list Activation at location, NO WAY TO CHEAT!


Add picture to the report clearly explaining an incident or observation


Add 30 seconds of video to the report, show a manager the conditions you find

Get the Emergency Responder App

It’s simple and free – just install Emergency Responder app on your mobile device and you’re good to go!